Transfer Students

Checklist for Transfer Admissions

Degree-seeking students who have not completed the STGEC prior to matriculation will be expected to meet all general education requirements on the campus at which they are officially pursuing a degree (their “home campus.”) At the appropriate time, the home campus at which a student is seeking a degree will assign the STGEC milestone. Coursework taken at another campus or institution will count toward general education requirements or the STGEC based on the home campus’s articulation rules and its general education requirements.

消消乐赚现金Beginning fall of 2015, completion of an eligible AS or AA degree at Ivy Tech or Vincennes may put you on a Single Articulation Pathway to a BA or BS at IU NORTHWEST Northwest!

消消乐赚现金You can follow a single articulation pathway from an Indiana community college to a corresponding degree at a four-year institution without a loss of credit hours starting in fall 2015.

Learn more about the Single Articulation Pathways at IU Northwest.

Countdown to Transfer: Start Planning Early

Use the following steps to guide you to your ultimate goals of transfer and completion. If you’re planning to come to IU NORTHWEST in a shorter amount of time, you will want to consider compressing some of these steps:

Four Semesters before Transferring

消消乐赚现金Learn about general education and the 

Investigate IU NORTHWEST programs that may interest you through advisors and career counselors. IU NORTHWEST campuses offer more than 70 academic programs; call or see an advisor about the best courses that will prepare you for your desired degree.

消消乐赚现金Discuss whether your program is part of the  (Ivy Tech and Vincennes students only).

As far as possible, determine what your total financial aid eligibility will be over four years, so that you can budget the total amount across all four years of your academic career.

Look for scholarships for which you may be eligible.

Three Semesters before Transferring

Let your originating institution know that you are intending to transfer to IU NORTHWEST.

Make an appointment with an IU NORTHWEST advisor for further information about your program and career choice. Be sure to discuss your progress so far at your present institution.

消消乐赚现金Make sure that your general education choices align with the expectations of the major that you will pursue at IU NORTHWEST.

Two Semesters before Transferring

消消乐赚现金Continue discussions with an IU NORTHWEST advisor to ensure that you stay on track with your choice of courses.

Submit an admission and financial aid application with official copies of your transcript(s). Be sure to follow up on any potential scholarship applications as well. IU NORTHWEST has scholarships specifically for transfer students, especially for students who have completed the associate degree.

One Semester before Transferring

消消乐赚现金If applicable, apply for your associate degree.

消消乐赚现金Order final, official transcripts and have them sent to IU NORTHWEST.

Attend your transfer student orientation.

Indiana Guidelines and Resources

消消乐赚现金The  maintains , which helps guide you through the process of transferring from one Indiana school to another.

The  is a list of courses that will transfer among Indiana public institutions offering those courses. All meet general education or elective requirements, and some may apply to your degree program.

State of Indiana Transfer and Articulation Policies

Indiana University also has its own transfer and articulation policies in place:

Learn more about transferring to IU Northwest.